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E-Motion is a new stylish solution for recreation and entertainment on the water

The boat is designed for two passengers, features high quality finishes, excellent ergonomics, and simple intuitive controls. Eco-friendly and silent E-Motion is driven by two electric motors with total capacity of 1.5 HP (max).

The control system is characterized by a high degree of manoeuvrability. Embedded chargers allow you to charge the accumulator batteries quickly and easily. The boat is also equipped with with Bimini Top, a stereo system, several cup holders, storage space for luggage etc. Ergonomics of seats and control system is the basis for the convenience of boating with the E-Motion.

Two protected motors operate independently of each other and in the case of failure of one of the electric motor, the second easy allow reach the shore. Collapsible oars can come in handy if the batteries were discharged.

Drain scuppers (drains) disperse water from a boat in intercase space where it is automatically removed Electropomp, so the E-Motion is always dry. Blocks buoyancy intercase space increase safety. If electric pomp broke and the boat completely flood water - it does not sink.

For transportation, launching and lifting E-Motion electric boats used trailers for water equipment or E-Motion handcarts. It can be done by one person. The special handcart is also convenient for storage and transportation of the boat.

The E-Motion boats belong to the category of small vessels which are not subject to registration under the applicable legislation, and you can operate them without a special license, also can be operated in environmentally protected areas.

Quiet and safe boating with E-Motion, its driving performance and superior facilities make the E-Motion pleasure boats an ideal choice for stylish recreation on the water.

E-Motion boats
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